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Road Angel BikeTrac

Product Detail

Manufacturer: Road Angel Blackspot
Product Model: Road Angel Bike Trac - Motorbike Tracking Solution
Product Name: Road Angel BikeTrac
Price:£299.00 £289.99  All prices include VAT

Road Angel BikeTrac

Road Angel Bike Trac - Motorbike Tracking Solution

New GPS/GPRS based motorcycle tracking device, with web-based owner interface

Discrete tracking device for Bikes

• Alerts for unauthorised use sent to your 
mobile phone or email

• Monitor your Bike 24/7 online

What is Road Angel Bike Trac?

Bike Trac is an on-board motion detection device that monitors any unusual movement of your bike and, under the right circumstances, will wake up an on-board GPS receiver to check the current location. If your bike moves and you're not on it an SMS text message and / or an email is sent to you. The messages will display the current GPS location of your bike so you can act quickly to recover your pride and joy. It also provides a journey tracking feature allowing you to view detailed information about your 'rides'.

Why choose Bike Trac?

  • Discrete tracking device that lets you remotely monitor the unauthorised movements of your pride and joy, in real-time
  • Alerts sent to your mobile phone or email indicating actual GPS location, triggered when:
    - Device moves outside of a geographical area (geo-fence), or
    - On-board motion sensors detect movement
  • Provides the ability to view breadcrumb trails of all your journeys, including how many miles you've travelled and your (approximate) speeds
  • Secure online web-portal allows remote real-time monitoring of your bike, also providing the user with the ability to customise automated alerts based on user-configurable events
  • Can also be used for other vehicles and leisure craft such as caravans, motorhomes and boats
  • Easy installation – only requires connection to vehicle battery supply, an earth source and ignition (ignition is optional)
  • For short-term use, Bike Trac will last up-to 30 days powered by its internal battery - without connection to a power supply

How does Bike Trac work?

  • Bike Trac combines GPS, GSM, RF and movement technology to record and relay (in real time) its position to the Bike Trac central servers at pre-defined intervals. The information is then displayed to the subscriber via a secure online tracking portal in order for them to see where their bike is, and where it has been.
    Should a bike fitted with Bike Trac be stolen, the owner will be notified by an SMS text message and / or email. The bike owner can then work with the authorities in recovering their stolen bike.

Journey Tracking

  • Bike Trac does not stop working when you deactivate it... when you deactivate the system, to go for a ride, Bike Trac will switch into 'journey' mode. When in journey mode, bike Trac will frequently monitor your journey by 'speaking' with the Bike Trac servers at very short intervals. This means that when you get back home you can log onto your secure online Bike Trac portal and view breadcrumb trails of exactly where you've been. You can also generate reports on how many miles you have travelled and what (approximate) speeds you were going.


  • Size: 66mm x 33mm x 15mm
  • Weight: 45g
  • GPRS communication for alerts and configuration with, GSM SMS fallback. Quad-band GSM/GPRS for worldwide deployment –
  • Latest ultra-sensitive Assisted GPS receiver
  • RF Beacon for localised detection, 433Mhz/868Mhz
  • Accelerometer for movement detection
  • Internal 1100mAh battery for long life operation
  • Alerts by SMS text message and/or email if the internal battery is low, or if the unit is disconnected
  • Plus many more features


As Bike Trac uses GPRS/GSM as well as text messaging, a small ongoing subscription is required to cover data transfer costs.

Yearly Upfront Prices:

£99.99 for 1 years
£179.99 for 2 years

For more information, please visit this products webpage.
This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday, 12 May 2010.