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Novus GPS Rider

Product Detail

Manufacturer: Novus Systems
Product Model: Novus GPS Rider
Product Name: Novus GPS Rider
Price:99.99 84.95  All prices include VAT

Novus GPS Rider

Novus GPS Rider - Speed Camera Detection System

Now discontinued
please view the new Cheetah C50 its direct replacement

The Novus GPS Rider provides up to date information of fixed, average speed, Hotspot areas for mobile and red light cameras and accident blackspots with clear natural voice announcements.

The Novus GPS Rider is pre insalled with the Novus camera database which has all the GPS co-ordinates of the all speed cameras and mobile Camera hazards: Gatso, Truvelo, DS2, SPECS speed cameras, Mobile speed cameras, Red light cameras, Congestion charging zones, Saftey camera zones, Accident black spots.

Novus GPS Rider warns you of the following:

  • Gatso
  • Specs
  • Truvelo
  • TSS/DS2
  • Red Light Cameras
  • Trafipax
  • Hand held laser guns - Hot Spot Areas
  • Mobile Detectors - Hot Spot Areas
  • Accident blackspots

Novus GPS Rider Unit Features

  • 8 hour internal battery
  • USB 2.0 compatible
  • Natural voice alerts and colour visual warnings
  • Warns to Gatso, Truvelo, SPECS, Speedmaster, DS2, traffic light cameras, accident blackspots and all other permanent safety cameras.
  • Speed Sensitive.
  • Advises speed limit (for cars) at speed camera locations.
  • Over speed warning in close proximity to speed cameras.
  • Direction Sensitive.
  • Accident Black Spot Positions.
  • Accurate Speed Reading.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Accurate Speed Reading.
  • Easy "Plug and play" dashboard mounting system with rubberised magnetic mount
  • Clearly announces and displays the legal speed limit when approaching camera sites
  • Optional flashing LED function when approaching camera sites
  • 12-24volt operation.
  • Easily moved between vehicles (extra magnetic mount may be required).
  • Free speed camera subscription for Life
  • 2 Years manufacturers warranty.
  • Novus GPS Rider Installation - Simple & Easy

The Novus GPS Rider is very simple to install, using the vehicles cigarette lighter or the internal battery (no wires) taking seconds to install and remove from your vehicle.

Novus GPS Rider Subscription

The Novus GPS Rider comes with:

  • Free lifetime database updates included
  • Our comprehensive database is continually updated by a professional survey team

For more information, please visit this products webpage.
This product was added to our catalog on Thursday, 13 November 2008.