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Cheetah M27 Rider - Motorbike Laser System

Product Detail

Manufacturer: CHEETAH
Product Model: Cheetah M27 Rider - Motorbike Laser System
Product Name: Cheetah M27 Rider - Motorbike Laser System
Price:£499.95 £495.00  All prices include VAT

Cheetah M27 Rider - Motorbike Laser System

Cheetah M27 Rider - Motorbike Laser System

The Cheetah M27 Rider is the new updated version of the Cheetah M25 Rider.
A laser gun can record your speed in less than one third of a second, so even if a radar detector alerts, it’s too late to react because your speed has already been recorded. Cheetah’s M27 Rider is the only laser jamming system that’s custom made for motorcycles. It stops police laser from working, giving you valuable time to adjust your speed if you need to.



The Cheetah M27 Rider system is based on the super effective “jamming engine” of the Blinder M27 X-TREME platform, so it can detect and protect against all the different laser guns in use today without showing jamming codes on police laser. What’s more, it’s future proof. There’s a free factory "Upgrade & Re-waterproof" service for when new laser guns are released.

Cheetah engineers take the car version of the Blinder M27 and specially modify and customize it for use on a motorcycle. Please note these products are made to order so will always be the very latest revision of Blinder, straight from the factory door. Please allow time for manufacture and delivery.
There are 2 waterproof jamming heads to give you 360 degree protection. The new higher power Blinders give you Jam-to-gun and Jam-from-gun performance.

Cheetah modifies the control box to make it rugged and waterproof and we add a LASERnode transmitter directly into the circuit board to make it wireless. Cheetah also shortens the cables to make them more bike friendly and replaces all the old connectors with new waterproof ones.

Using speed trap alerts effectively on a motorcycle has always been difficult...until now. The M27 Rider comes with a VizAlert helmet display, the most advanced heads up display on the market. When the jammer alerts for a laser attack, the VizAlert instantly displays a visual alert that you can't miss. There is no time delay in receiving the alert.
Installing the M27 Rider couldn't be easier. You fit the front and rear jammers and connect the cables to the jammer control box / wireless transmitter which can be kept under your seat. Cheetah's intelligent "engine-running" sensor, the POWERnode, connects directly to the battery terminals, making the jammer automatically power up whenever you start your engine. There’s no difficult hardwiring so you don’t have to interfere with your bike’s electrical system, risking your bike’s warranty. The VizAlert display fits every type of helmet and is supplied with a boom support arm for Cruiser style helmets.

A waterproof kill switch is also supplied which fits all handlebar styles from sportsbikes to cruisers. Use this to turn off the jammer when you’ve slowed down. As soon as you shut it off, police laser is able to get a speed reading again. The officer sees the same normal error messages his gun gives all the time so there is no indication that he is being jammed.

M27 Rider Laser Jamming Features

  • Custom made using the latest revision Blinder M27's new more powerful platform
  • 2 x Transponder Heads = front and rear protection
  • NEW Improved laser jamming efficiency
  • NEW Improved laser/lidar detector sensors
  • NEW Multi-function IR transponder (can be configured as a garage door / gate opener)
  • NEW Seperate US and European versions (support of more Lidar guns seen in each market)
  • Transponders heads fitted with waterproof connectors
  • Shortened cable lengths on transponder heads (2 metres) make for easier bike instals
  • NEW Future proof - Free factory "Upgrade & Re-waterproof" for new laser gun updates
  • Waterproof control box with internal LASERnode wireless transmitter
  • Waterproof kill switch with powdercoated handlebar bracket
  • Waterproof dash mounted status LED
  • UNIQUE Intelligent power supply only turns on system when the engine is running
  • Waterproof dash mounted status LED
  • Easy self instal - no messing with your bike's electrics keeps your bike's warranty intact
Helmet Display Features
  • Discreet visual warning for all jammer alerts
  • Wireless - no cables attaching you to the bike
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Battery powered (CR2302) – 40+ hours of riding time
  • Motion sensitive – automatically switches on when you move your helmet
  • Automatically switches off after 10 minutes of no motion
  • Contoured base plate fits nearly all brands of helmet
  • Full-face / flip-face helmets: the LED display is easily mounted inside the helmet.
  • Boom support arm included for open-face /cruiser-style helmets - looks like a microphone
  • M27 Rider Box Contents and Accessories
Box Contents
  • 2 x Blinder M27 X-TREME transponder heads with 
  • modified cables and waterproof connectors
  • 2 x Mounting brackets with fitting kit
  • 1 x Wireless waterproof control box with status LED
  • 1 x POWERnode engine running sensor
  • 1 x Fuse pack
  • 1 x Handlebar kill switch (waterproof)
  • 1 x VizAlert Helmet Display
  • 2 x CR2302 cell batteries
  • 1 x Allen key to unlock battery cover
  • 1 x 3M double sided, self adhesive fixing pad
*Please note this is a made to order item. delivery will be aprox 5-7 days

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday, 04 February 2010.