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Product Detail

Manufacturer: Blinder
Price:£445.00 £365.00  All prices include VAT


BLINDER M37 X-treme Laser Jammer

**********NOW DISCONTINUED*********
Please View the New replacement - Blinder Compact Range

The New Blinder M37 X- Treme has the following new features:

Blinder M37 X-TREME

* Improved laser jamming efficiency

* More powerful platform

* Improved laser/laser detection

* PC software updateable (via USB port on control module)

* Multi-function/IR transponders (can be configured as a parking sensor/garage door opener)

* Separate US and European versions (support of more laser guns seen in each market)

The new intelligent BLINDER X-treme is currently taking the laser jammer world by storm as a potent new Laser Jammer. The BLINDER X-treme is getting the same reflection every time it's presented, which is ‘Wow, I must have one’ In fact everyone who test the new intelligent laser jammer is impressed. You can’t shoot it down with any laser gun at all. With the BLINDER X-treme you now can avoid all the police laser guns and automatic photo laser traps!

The Blinder M37 X-Treme

 laser jammer includes 3 of Blinder's top-rated laser blocking transceivers, enough to completely protect the front of a vehicle. If you are looking for a solution that protects both the front and the rear of your vehicle, check out the Blinder M47 laser jammer.

Blinder laser jammers

are high performance products that have been found to outperform other laser jammers on the market today. Blinder is so confident in their jammers, that they even offer a speeding ticket guarantee! If you get a speeding ticket and the police officer was using laser, Blinder will pay your ticket (restrictions apply).

The Blinder M-37 XTreme jammer

boasts quite a few important features. It only responds to true police laser guns -- it will never provide false alerts. It is software upgradeable, so if newer technology appears you're not left out in the cold. The lenses detach and are inexpensive to replace if they are damaged from road debris. The M37 utilizes epoxy filled components, which minimizes corrosion and moisture damage, and it is backed by a two year warranty. What more do you need?

This model offer several improvements over the previous series. It provides a new laser detector, which provides even better laser detection ability. New custom jamming LED's provide optimal jamming output from the transponders. A new interface supplies the transponders with even more voltage, and updated software detects and jams all of the latest laser guns.

Blinder laser jammers actively block police laser, preventing the gun from displaying a speed. Blinder products are proven to deliver excellent performance and superb durability. Their products are unmatched in the industry in terms of performance and durability. Unlike other laser jammer manufacturers, you can count on Blinder being available if you ever need assistance with your product.

Note The Blinder M37 requires installation. If you are not experienced installing this type of equipment, we recommend you take it to a professional installer.

Blinder M37 X-Treme Laser Jammer Specifications

  • 3 transceivers with integrated laser detector and jammer
  • All electronics are weatherproof, concealed by epoxy
  • Smart new snap-lock for easy replacement of lenses
  • Single cable connector for easy plug-in to cabin interface
  • Transmitter type: 3 x 8 infra red special manufactured jamming diodes
  • Detector type: 3 x 3 IR special manufactured photo diode with amplifier
  • Microprocessor with patented stealth jamming technology
  • Operating wavelength: 904 nanometers
  • Physical dimensions: 104 x 51 x 18 mm
  • Power Requirements: 12.2 volts

Blinder M37 X-Treme Cabin Interface

The cabin interface of the Blinder X-Treme series of laser jammers is the control center of the Blinder jammer. All components plug-in to this interface, and the interface can be mounted anywhere inside the cabin of your vehicle.

  • Available ports for connection of up to 4 laser transceivers
  • Output to car stereo telephone mute
  • Output to on/off switch
  • Output to LED light indicator. Green indicates power on, flashing red indicates laser alert
  • Output to audio laser alert
  • Audible alert level: 95 dB


For more information, please visit this products webpage.
This product was added to our catalog on Sunday, 06 February 2011.